Babes Who Hustle

I’m a contributing writer and advice-giver for Babes Who Hustle, a global publication and off-screen community created to connect and empower hardworking women across all industries and professions. Below are a few samples of articles I’ve contributed and professional advice I’ve given.



What to Do When You Lose Your Job

On August 8, 2017, Time ran an article declaring: “You are less likely to be laid off today than anytime since 1967.” On December 1, 2017, that headline couldn’t have been further from the truth for me. I was laid off. Economies go up and down, but even when they’re up, clients leave, companies fail, and job losses happen. 


From Couch to Cubicle: Life After Working Remotely

A few years ago, I was restless, professionally. I longed to travel and I felt incredibly stifled in an office setting. I’d start a new job feeling energized, but after a few short months, being attached to a desk and computer screen left me empty and uninspired. I enjoyed socializing and collaborating with coworkers, but even a hip advertising agency, brimming with interesting people, wasn’t enough to keep the office blues from creeping in. It felt like I just wasn’t cut out for the nine-to-five. 

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Asking for a Friend …

Asking for a Friend is an advice column on Babes Who Hustle that gives women the opportunity to ask various questions and concerns about the ever-changing workplace experience.  I sporadically contribute to the column, an example of which is linked below.