sunset sail


I visited Charleston for the first time this past weekend with my momma. We went to celebrate our birthdays this year (she turned 50 in April and I turned 30 on the 20th of this month). It's been months since I used my camera, so it felt like a great opportunity to get back at it. 

I've always wanted to go out on a big sailboat and I found the perfect opportunity with the Schooner Pride. I bought the tickets in advance, but when it came time for our sail, the weather was not looking favorable. The ship was crewed by three women (LOVE that) and the captain delayed our boarding a bit while she watched the impending storm. We decided to set sail after all, and I actually loved the darker moody skies.

By the time the sun set, everything turned a dramatic sherbert color and a faint rainbow emerged. What you don't see here is the bright blue, plastic poncho I was wearing at the end, which was dripping with water from the rain.  It's all part of the adventure--accept experiences in all forms. Now if I could just pull myself away from trying to document every moment of it.